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E32 automatic level are designed for high precision of surveying applications,such as construction project,engineer of mine,road and bridge setting of large-scale equipment etc.  

E32 features include:

*X type magnetic damping compensator with heavy pendulum,super stable damping effect and  high precision of setting accuracy even under harsh working environments.

*Large roof prism and 45mm objective,super clear imaging,minimum focusing distance<0.3m.

*all metal design

*Compensator locking system to protect the compensator better during transportation.

*Professional package to protect the instrument well even in long distance transportation.

Technical Data

Item No. 

Compensator TypeMagnetic  damping compenstor with heavy duty pendulum
Standard Deviation for 1km1.0mm
Objective Aperture45mm
Field of View1°20′
Shortest focussing distance0.3m
Setting Accuracy±0.3″

Compensator Working Range 

Sensitivity of buble 8′/2mm
Multiplication Constant100
Addition Constant0
Circle Graduation  1°or1 gon
Net weight 2.4kg
Water resistanceIPX4
Centre size of tripodM16 or 5/8″