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The DS B automatic level are designed for high precision of surveying applications,such as construction project,engineer of mine,road
and bridge etc. 

DS B features include:

*Magnetic damping compensator with heavy pendulum,super stable damping effect and high precision of setting accuracy,robust
  and easy to use.

*Large roof prism,super clear imaging,minimum focusing distance<0.3m.

*Compensator locking system to protect the compensator better during transportation.

*Professional package to protect the instrument well even in long distance transportation.

Item No. DS-B32
Compensator Type magnetic
Magnification 32X
Standard Deviation for 1km Duble-Run Levelling 1.0mm
Objective Aperture 40mm
Field of View 1°20'
Shortest focussing distance 0.3m
Setting Accuracy ±0.3''
Compensator Working Range ±15'
Telescope Erect
Sensitivity of buble  8'/2mm
Multiplication Constant 100
Addition Constant 0
Circle Graduation   1°or 1 gon
Net weight  1.8kg
Water resistance IPX4
Centre size of tripod M16 or 5/8''